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The Reviews Are In - "If My Judges Are Ready?"
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       In competitive speech and debate, four Christian homeschool students deliver speeches and make arguments as they navigate the tournament season, trying to qualify for the national tournament. If My Judges Are Ready? is a documentary film project following a group of homeschool speech and debate competitors from Texas through the 2017-2018 season of competition. 


Team Policy Podcast

"Very well done... Really captures the mood within a lot of debate & speech rounds."

"Captivating... It was a fun film, I enjoyed watching it."

I recently sponsored a debate podcast. In addition to the ad copy, the hosts of the podcast each gave a mini review of the film. Listen to Team Policy Podcast here.

Greg DeJager 
Stoa President - 2019-2020
"It is a well crafted, informative view into the world of competitive Christian homeschool forensics. Beyond describing how Stoa “works”, it provides an up front and personal window into the lives of students as they navigate through the trials of losses and the blessings of success. Throughout it all, the strength of the God-honoring Stoa community shines brightly."


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