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My name is Scott Link, my production company is called Scott Link Media. 


Original, I know.


For over 20 years I have been involved in professional video production. Mostly as a part of large church media ministries. I’m currently on staff at a church in Longview, Texas.


In 2013 I completed production on a micro-budget Christian sitcom, which has been broadcast on multiple religious TV networks (NRB, Parables, JCTV, The Walk) and around the world. Today it can be seen in Romania, as well as Christian Cinema. Though it was extremely low budget production, it was well received and the series won the National Religious Broadcasters Media Award for Most Creative TV Programming in 2014.


Since then I have produced and directed several short films.


One short film project I completed was a proof of concept for this project. It’s a 3 and a half minute documentary short called Burden of Proof, about one debate tournament in 2017. 


This documentary film has a much broader scope, and was a huge undertaking, but it’s a film I was passionate about making, and a story I wanted to tell.


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