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“If My Judges Are Ready?” to be Available on Youtube March 1, 2021

On March 1, 2021 my feature length documentary will be available for free on Youtube.

Almost 2 years after its release, the doc film has landed on Youtube. It debuted on Vimeo On Demand, Amazon Video and Christian Cinema. Over time I placed the movie with FilmHub, which, in turn, placed it on Amazon ROW (Rest of the World. Basically, all English speaking countries) and Saltflix.

Then the release windows began to close. It’s still available for purchase or rental on Amazon (for now… Feb. 2021). And on Saltflix.

For all intents and purposes, the movie is out of the normal windows. No more TVOD or SVOD. But, it’s still the best thing I’ve ever made. Best story telling I’ve ever done. To be frank, it’s heart breaking to think people won’t see it.

I won’t let this sit on a hard drive. I didn’t spend all the time and resources making this movie to let it sit. Even if I won’t recoup the cost of production, I want people to have the chance to experience it. Therefore, it’s going on Youtube. It’s going anywhere I can place it. I may reach out to my old broadcast contacts and offer the movie to them. I want people to see it.

Starting March 1, 2021, anyone with internet can.

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