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It was a busy weekend for websites around the Link home. After successfully updating this film site, I realized that I needed to update... everything else.

A few years ago I found a Wordpress theme that allowed me to combine my production site with my blog. I've been blogging, off and on, on Wordpress for years. Since 2009. Wow, has it been that long? Anyway, the site I built had a static front page and a blog back bone.

Unfortunately, like all free Wordpress sites, it had ugly ads. Wordpress (dot) com is pretty sly. They show you a site that has no ads. Just a little sentence that tells you ads might show up in that location. That's no big deal, just look how good this theme looks. Then sometime later you visit the site when you are not logged in, and you see the horrendous ads they place in the middle of you content. It was time for a change.

Since I jumped on the Wix-wagon, I decided to bring my production page over here. Just a simple showcase of video work and contact info. Check it our here:

The blog is something of an issue. As I said, I've been writing off and on for 8 years. I don't want to leave that content behind. But as of now, there's no way to bring the blog content into a Fix blog. So I left it on a Wordpress theme. See the new design, ugly ads and all, at:

Meanwhile, I've started thinking about content for the film Press Kit. I don't have a lot of BTS pictures. A consequence of shooting things on my own. But I'm working on it. The next tourney is in 2 weeks. So much to do.

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