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Final Production Push!

I'm selling shirts and stickers and downloaded of the finished film. I am so close to finishing production on the film. Just one more tournament to go.

Last year we raised $2355 in an IndieGoGo campaign, and had some donations come in from outside that campaign. Those funds, plus what I've put in myself, have covered all of the production costs up through this point. I've gone to 5 tournaments, many club meetings, captured multiple interviews, and followed the story of 1 club and 4 students throughout the entire year. We are so close to completing the tournament season. I'm doing everything I can to balance low costs with quality, and I've been able to keep expenses way down... BUT...


There's just one last push to finish production. If you think you might want to buy the movie when it comes out, consider donating now. If you want a sticker or a T Shirt, now is the time.

Click over to the donate page so see the details.

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