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The Paper Edit

After a brief vacation I am back at work on the film. Currently, I am working on formatting transcripts of the interviews. There are pages and pages and pages of them.

Next on the agenda is the Paper Edit.

A paper edit is just what it sounds like. I'll use the text of the transcripts to lay out a very rough "paper" draft of the film.

I'll go through the text and mark the relevant portions according to the general layout. Then I will do what's call a cut sheet. on that sheet I will select and rank the content.

Some of this will be done in word processors, but I will likely print a physical paper version at least once.

The paper edit is not the final edit. In fact, I suspect once I assemble the footage and lay everything into the EDL in the editor I will have a timeline that is several hours long. It will be all but unwatchable. From there I will be cutting down the story, making it the best it can be.

I hope to have the first assembled video edit from the paper edit by the end of the August.

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